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We thank the following persons for suggestions and assistance: Tony Futerman, Lisa Guilford, Kentaro Hanada, Sen-itiroh Hakomori, Yoshio Hirabayashi, Steve Levery, Michael "Hawkeye" Pierce, Konrad Sandhoff, Ronald L. Schnaar, M. Cameron Sullards, C. C. Sweeley, Guido Tettamanti and Will York.

Designers of SphinGOMAP© also benefited from the advice and encouragement of the many sphingolipid researchers at Georgia Tech: Jeremy Allegood, Brianna Burgess, Chris Haynes, Jin-Young Hong, Jessica Jopek, Samuel Kelly, Jessica Kollmeyer, Martina Leipelt, Ying Liu, Amin Momin, Elizabeth Munter, Carrie Pack, Hyejung Park, Harsha Ramaraju, Holly Symolon, Elaine Wang, Jia Wei and Wenjing Zheng.

Thanks also to Malcolm Fifer and Walt Shaw of Avanti Polar Lipids ( for the sphingolipid structure (ganglioside GD1a) in the SphinGOMAP© logo.

SphinGOMAP© has been created with support from the Lipid Maps Consortium (NIH grant GM069338), the Smithgall Institute Chair in Molecular Cell Biology and the Petit Institute for Bioengineering & Bioscience at Georgia Tech, and the NCRR Integrated Technology Resource for Biomedical Glycomics at the University of Georgia (NIH grant PA-02-132).

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