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Sphingolipid Metabolism

The Sphingolipid Metabolism shown is designed to include only those sphingolipids and corresponding enzymes
found within the mammalian genome. This is in contrast to the KEGG version of the pathway where both plant and
yeast genes are included.

The de novo and glycosphingolipid metabolic pathways have been modified structurally as well to elucidate the
biosynthetic pathways of the sphingolipid metabolism. For a complete list of changes, see Modifications.


GenMAPP v2.1, a Windows operating program, provides a technique for conducting a genomic analysis
through the visualization of gene expression data within a metabolic pathway. Expression data derived from
microarray and other similar genomic experiments can be imported and recognized by GenMAPP using multiple
gene identifiers such as Entrez Gene, Ensembl, and Affy ID's. This program allows for the genes within a biological
pathway, such as the sphingolipid metabolism, to be color-coded based on a profile established by the user. In
addition, tools provided within GenMAPP allow such metabolic pathways to be created or edited by the user. The
figure shown below demonstrates an example of what one would obtain after importing expression data into GenMAPP.



         Before pathway maps can be downloaded or data applied, GenMapp v2.1 must be downloaded
         from GenMAPP ( Refer to the GenMAPP Tutorial provided for guidance through
         the steps and procedures required for the application of gene expression data.

         The provided pathways of the Sphingolipid Metabolism include the following genes. If additional
         modifications are needed, please refer to Part V of the GenMAPP Tutorial for details.

         If no changes need to be made to the provided pathways, or modifications are complete and data is
         now to be applied, please refer to Part VI of the GenMAPP Tutorial for details.

         A sample dataset (Human) is included, along with accessory files, that can used for first time users
         before actual data is loaded:


                  De Novo.mapp (Pathway File)
                  Sample Expression.gex (Data Expression File)
                  Sample Data.txt (Data File)


Sphingolipid Metabolism

Mouse Pathway:      Human Pathway:

De Novo         De Novo
Ganglio         Ganglio
Globo         Globo
IsoGlobo         IsoGlobo
Lacto         Lacto
NeoLacto         NeoLacto


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